Norfolk based designer Carly Elia comes from an Art and Design background and began designing her own furniture after living in the North London warehouse scene. Inspired by the stripped back ceilings, exposed wire runners, flickering incandescent strip lighting and the industrial air conditioning ducts, she set about designing a series of furniture in keeping with the surrounding environment. Since then, Carly has created bespoke furniture for many homes, with raw metal and wood combining to create contemporary, one-of-a-kind pieces.

We produce a vast range of clothing rails at our independent workshop in all shapes and sizes and to cater to all spaces. It doesn’t stop at rails though, we have designed a range of side and dining tables, bookshelves, bike racks, benches and stools to carry the theme throughout the house.

Bringing the natural world into the home is always an inspiration, as is the desire to create beautiful handmade pieces for people to use. It involves a careful consideration of nature, material and sculpture to create simple elegance.