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Our rustic-looking galvanised steel furniture nods to a diversity of cultural influences with its bold bends, colour and texture. The steel pipe and wood material mash-up ensures it'll be an interesting focal point in any room, whether it's used for storage or accessorised with eclectic treasures.

Perfect pairing of designer and maker from Norfolk UK, father Mario and daughter Carly, together create bespoke industrial furniture and one-off commissions.


We produce a vast range of clothing rails in all shapes and sizes to cater to all spaces. It doesn't stop at rails though, we have produced a small range of side tables, dining tables, book shelves, bike racks, benches and stools to carry the theme throughout the house.


Bringing the natural world into the home is always an inspiration, as is the desire to create beautiful handmade pieces for people to use. It involves a careful consideration of nature, material and sculpture with simple elegance.

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